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Looking for dataset

Huge Dataset Transformation from CSV to RDF

Any idea on how to transform the csv from here (https://github.com/phalt/pokeapi/tree/master/data/v2/csv) into rdf with keeping the relations between them?

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angel replied

Wow! Pokemon data? awesome! There are a lot of RDFizers, i have only used Virtuoso but i didn't understand much :)

mpetyx replied

Thank you very much! I will try to use it. I was looking for a more "robust" solution. Thank you anyway!

angel replied

what do you mean robust?

helenmalidias replied

Since you are into this, marvel has also an api for their comics and characters. Isn't there an IP constraint in these things? http://developer.marvel.com/documentation/apiresults

angel replied

thanks for the links helen!