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The ENGAGE Services infrastructure focuses on the development of a central web-based portal, delivering the following services to public sector organizations, journalists,archivists, citizens and researchers:

  • A dataset management system that allows all users to upload datasets or register and catalogue external datasets that are hosted elsewhere, such as national open government data portals. The ENGAGE Services infrastructure encourages community participation, by allowing citizens and researchers to curate and upload their own versions of government datasets or publish mashups of public sector information.

  • Advanced search methods to facilitate discovery of public sector information, such as faceted browsing and geo-spatial search.

  • An accessible, multilingual user interface, which provides easy access to open government data for all citizens of the European Union.

  • Visualization tools that allow the online display of structured datasets. Specifically, users may view tabular data as a spreadsheet that supports sorting and filtering features, as well as the creation of charts. Furthermore, users may view geographical information in online maps.

  • Feedback tools, allowing users to comment on the quality, validity and usefulness of each dataset, as well as propose the creation of new datasets or suggest improvements and new features for the ENGAGE Services infrastructure.

  • An extensive, community-supported documentation to assist dataset publishers in the provision of useful, machine-processable datasets with rich metadata, as well as provide information on data analysis tools and methods for the processing of open government data.

The wiki pages will provide you with all the information you will need to start using the ENGAGE services infrastructure. For developers, the relative section will give you valuable insight in the architecture and design of the ENGAGE system. Finally, we encourage users to explore the ENGAGE API in order to automate tasks and services that the ENGAGE service infrastructure can offer to users and third party developers.